Freebird Fojt: 2015-Date

Service Record


23-08-16 Member of the public reported suspected heart attack on the beach. Crew paged and defibrillator supplied on scene within minutes. Comms established with Humber Coastguard and Staithes & Skinningrove Coastguard teams attended along with the Helimed 99.
14-08-16 35′ Motor yacht hailed Runswick Rescue whilst out on excercise. Engine failure. Took spare battery and jump leads to restart engine. Liaised with Humber Coastguard regarding vessel’s safe onward passage to Whitby.
14-08-16 40′ Motor cruiser hailed Runswick Rescue whilst out on excercise. Disabled with rope tight round prop. Assisted with cutting rope from prop.
31-07-16 Member of the public reported an injured person on the rocks near Lingrow cliffs. Coastguard cliff teams also in attendance. Recovered casualty by sea, with broken ankle, to waiting ambulance.
19-07-16 Member of the public reported a dog in distress at Claymoor. Authorised by HMCG to launch and recovered collapsed dog and owners from the beach at Claymoor on a very hot day.
30-01-16 Pager call received from HMCG to faller from the sea wall with a broken leg. Recovered the casualty by stretcher to ambulance.
27-09-15 On training, encountered fishing vessel with warp fast round prop. Assisted with freeing propeller.
27-09-15 On training, discovered commercial fishing vessel aground near Kettleness. Gave advice and later, at high water, assisted with refloat and escorted to safety.
30-08-15 Launching Authority informed crew of vessel with engine failure at Runswick Beach. Authorised by HMCG to launch and tow vessel to Staithes.
23-08-15 Canoeist reported in difficulty in moderate surf near the sand bank. Crew mustered by local pager call but stood down as canoeist had reached the beach and was assisted with recovery of canoe and paddle by members of the public.
22-08-15 Distress call heard on Ch16 whilst on exercise. Authorised by Humber Coastguard to commence search. 22′ vessel eventually located approximately 3 miles off Lingrow. Stood by until taken under tow by Whitby AWB.
09-08-15 Small Rib with engine failure within the bay. Already at sea on exercise. Towed to shore.
09-08-15 Two persons in a kayak blown onto Lingrow. Already at sea on exercise. Recovered to the beach.
09-08-15 Person injured in fall on the slipway Shore support crew administered first aid until arrival of paramedics.
04-08-15 Dinghy sighted in Runswick Bay, with engine failure, blowing to sea. Initially authorised to launch by Humber CG but subsequently stood down when vessel was seen to have rowed ashore.
26-07-15 Report of yacht with damaged sails 1 mile east of Kettleness Identified yacht and stood by to await tow from Whitby Lifeboat. Assisted Whitby AWB with crew transfer to effect tow.
28-06-15 Local radio call (M1) from vessel inside Runswick Bay in difficulty. Vessel and occupants found safe at anchor with steering failure and towed back to Runswick Bay.
07-06-15 Ch16 distress call from vessel with engine problems outside Runswick Bay. Authorised by Humber CG to launch. Vessel located at anchor and towed back to Runswick Bay.